About Sabrosa Tex Mex Restaurant

Sabrosa (adjective): Tasty, Delicious, Delightful

Established in 2002, Sabrosa took up residence in a small corner of the New Roscoe Main Street Square with a vision of providing quality Tex-Mex food on both sides of the border (the Illinois-Wisconsin border), using many of Nana’s tried and true homemade recipes. At the time, we provided take out and counter top service. In 2009 Sabrosa moved to the Roscoe Retail Center tripling our space and helping to revitalize the center. We also began to provide full service (during dinner hours), margaritas and beer and catering options. 

In our almost 19 years now, the one question that we get the most is: “Are you authentic?” The answer, like our food, has always been consistent. We are authentically Sabrosa. We continue to cook using those same tried and true methods as if you were coming to one of our homes for a meal, because in a sense you are. We’ve been working with the same butchers all these years to provide the quality cuts of arrachera (skirt steak) and continue our relationships with V&V Supremo and El Milagro, both companies synonymous with authentic quality. 

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU!!! To all of our customers & friend. We have gotten to know many of you as well as many of your children over the past 19 years, some who are now in college or starting their lives and are now starting to bring in a 3rd generation to Sabrosa. Unbelievable!!! It is to each and every one of you that we truly owe a debt of gratitude. Without you, there is no Sabrosa!! 

As we move forward in 2021, we realize that change is inevitable. Some by choice, some by happenstance, and some (most recently it seems) by decree. But at this moment in time, we continue to remain committed to and look forward to giving you our spin on Tex-Mex food!